Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Give A Hand For Universitatea Craiova !

Our team is in coma. There is no hope to save it. The only thing we can do is trying. Which is if you know someone who lives in Craiova, Romania please, send that person to our protest. We can do a lot or we can not do a thing but we have to try. This is, maybe, last time we hear about Universitatea Craiova, that beautiful team who was 30 years ago the princess of Europe. Now this team is broke, old and sick. You don't need to give your blood. Just get out of your house next Saturday 15:00 o'clock and be present in front of "Ion Oblemenco" Stadium. Let's hope there will be enough people to keep Stiinta alive. 

Friday, February 07, 2014

Petrodollars for Craiova

A businessman from Dubai wants to donate a significant amount of money to Independent Supporters Association of FC Universitatea Craiova. This association will finance our team until the end of the championship. The information was made ​​public by website

The white-blue team could receive "petrodollars" being just one step before bankruptcy. Our players are unpaid for seven months. Tomorrow, they will leave Craiova for Cisnădie. There is a possibility to play the rest of the games in this location until the new staium of Craiova will be built.

According, the official Stiinta's website, on February 22nd Universitatea Craiova will play a friendly match against Rapid Bucharest. Every fan has to be present for this game.

Monday, February 03, 2014

Season Preparations Started

Universitatea Craiova started the pre-season training. Our team will do 2 weeks of physical training. After this there is a schedule for several friendly games.
The fans did not lost their time as well. They had Supporter's Party Show in January and started a crowd funding campaign. This campaign is supposed to finish on March the 1st 2014. Let 's hope it will be a succesfull initiative.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Universitatea Craiova's Fans Party

Universitatea Craiova's fans organize today the first party in 2014. This event is supposed to be great having as guests our team footballers, the coach Nicoo Napoli and the new club's manager Marian Condescu. 

Between our guests it will be included "Ektro", one of the most beloved artists of the new wave of Romanian's hip-hop music. He will do a live performance singing his well-known tracks dedicated to Universitatea Craiova. There will be prizes awarded and the fans may take advantage of the opportunity to purchase promotional materials related to our football team. 

This party promises to be a success and will be broadcasted in the Romanian media and online as well. Do not miss your opportunity to demonstrate the attachment for Nicolo Napoli. All the details of this party can be found following this link:

Sunday, January 19, 2014

O Craiovano Wants To Visit Craiova

João Vítor Roberge, journalism student at the Santa Catarina Federal University (UFSC), in Florianópolis, Brazil since March 2012. He is a member of the UFSC Sports Radiojournalism Center, and there he participates on two radio shows: "Ponto de Encontro" and "Grande Jornada Esportiva" broadcasted by Rádio Ponto UFSC. He likes the most unknown things about football.

He used to watch OFC Champions League and he supported Slovenia at World Cup 2010. There are many European teams he follows like: Newcastle in England, Lyon in France, Villarreal in Spain, Marítimo in Portugal, Fiorentina in Italy, Twente in Netherlands or Eintracht Frankfurt in Germany.

"I think determination is a really valuable quality, and I believe they may conquer wins against hard opponents anywhere. I'm a Vasco da Gama and Portuguesa supporter. Juninho Pernambucano is my idol since I was 6. I play both FIFA and PES, and Universitatea Craiova is in my heart and in my table football teams" says João Vítor. 

Despite a distance of 11,100 Km between Brazil and Craiova João Vítor really appreciate our football team. He became a true fan of Universitatea Craiova and wants to visit Craiova someday. Let's hope he will get the chance to see a match of Universitatea Craiova played on "Ion Oblemenco" Stadium.

You may read the Portuguese language version of this articol here:

If you would like to support João Vítor's project and send some cash, feel free to use our paypal account. This will probaly be the longest travel for a football game ever. Maybe "Guiness World of Records" will take his voyage into account.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

We Have Marketing

Universitatea Craiova's fans started a fund rising last month. As a consequence of this campaign we gave $ 1000 to our football players on November 27th.

The money were well spend because these were the last results of our team:










Now all the fans decided to produce a limited edition of supporting scarf. The image bellow is the model and the text means "We are Stiinta". Stiinta is the nick name of Universitatea Craiova. It means "Science" and it was the name of this football team before 1964. You may order this kind of scarf using this link: I hope you will enjoy it. Forza Stiinta !

Friday, October 25, 2013

Funds raising for Universitatea Craiova

Fans of FC Universitatea Craiova decided to raise money for blue-white football players. Today, in the bank accounts supporters have opened, came first money.

This gesture was made ​​by supporters of FC Universitatea Craiova, who want to collect money as a bonus for our players. If they will not collect an amount to help reward the players in 2 months, the money will be returned to those who have sent.
"Boys need to be helped and this worth it, because they play for us. They represent Stiinta, and we are Stiinta "wrote a fan on Facebook. The financial situation of the two accounts in national currency (RON) and Euro will be presented to any person who donated ​​a sum of money.

These are the bank accounts:

If you want to support Universitatea Craiova you may use the donate button placed in the right of this page. Thank you.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Stepahane Acka !

Today is the 23rd aniversary of Stepahne Acka. He is one of the most important defenders in our team. 

Acka was born on 11th of October 1990 in Côte d'Ivoire. In the last 3 years he used to play in the 4th Italian football league for Legnano Salus and Beluno. He signed for Universitatea Craiova this summer and became one of our fans favorite players. 

Let's wish him "Happy Birthday!" and a victory in the next game which will be played tomorrow  starting with 3 p.m. local time against CSM Ramnicu-Valcea.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Back In Business

Universitatea Craiova came back in the football field. We are now playing in Romanian's second football league and we are doing this well.

It happened a lot, but the most important is this: our team is on the 3rd place in the table and we really hope to be in the first league starting with 2014. Nicolo Napoli is our team's coach again. There are many players who came back to help our team - Madalin Ciuca, Robert Saceanu, Michael Baird. But our biggest wish is to see Romanian Football Federation 's chief - Mircea Sandu - in prison. There were 2 years of pain and sacrifices for 2 million fans of this important Romanian football team. Someone must pay for this abuse!

These are the results of our team, until now:






Saturday, March 16, 2013

Universitatea Craiova's fans in London

It's been almost 2 years since Universitatea Craiova was abusively erased form Romanian football's history.  This legendary team has the most passionate fans in Romania.

They recently protested in London at the football game Chelsea FC - Steaua Bucharest asking their team to be let to play again.

The protests did not end here. Today a fan climbed a light pile of  "Ion Oblemenco" stadium asking the same thing. Romanian football is not the same without Universitatea Craiova.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Brotherhood Napoli Craiova

Universitatea Craiova and SSC Napoli are 2 legendary football teams. They supported each other and they have almost the same history. The fans of these 2 football teams have common feelings and the same colors to support.

Craiova is the warmest place in Romania. The fans of this Universitatea have the same passion like Napoli's. Both cities are old and carrying a great history. The brotherhood between these teams started in 1979 when Gianfranco Menegalli, the referee of the UEFA cup match  U Craiova - Leeds United 2-0 declared: "In Craiova is same as in Naples". This phrase described the passion of the fans and the atmosphere in the stadium.

In October 2010, at a game played in Romania, Steaua Bucharest - Napoli 3-3, there were a lor of fans of universitatea Craiova supporting the Italian team. This gesture was granted by thanks in Napoli's fans forum. After 3 days, the ultras of Universitatea Craiova sang and gave a big applause for Napoli's result against Steaua.

The Mafia in Romanian footbal canceled Universitatea Craiova in 2011. The team was just erased in any competition and from the Romanian football history. Universitatea Craiova - the first Romanian football team who played a semifinal of an European Cup was not mentioned in official Romanian Federation documents concerning the 2012 UEFA Cup final - Atheltic Bilbao - Atletico Madrid 0-3 - played in Bucharest.

Today Universitatea Craiova's fans are looking for justice trying to bring back their team in football. Napoli's supporters showed their support in a game played in Serie A, Napoli-Lazio, 26th of September 2012. This means friendship. Forza Napoli ! Justice for Craiova !

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Back In Business

Universitatea Craiova was canceled by Romanian Football Federation in 2011. There are almost 2 year since Craiova has no football at all. There are more than 200.000 people forced by this federation to stay without a football team.

Starting with 2013 Craiova's municipality decided to comeback in Romanian second football league. It is a big project of rebuilding the old "Ion Oblemenco" stadium. We will comeback with news soon.

Monday, March 26, 2012

24th March 2012 - Sad Day For Craiova's Fans

47 fans were arrested after a meeting in Bucharest. Universitatea Craiova's fans went in Bucharest to protest against abusive expulsion of their football team. It was a well planed protest, Romanian authorities were previously informed about it 30 days before it happened.

Universitatea Craiova's 250 supporters peacefully protested for 1 hour. Romanian military police ,Jandarmeria, decided to brutally repress this street movement only one hour after start. They chased and molested people on the streets, arrested as many as they could without any reason. Romanian military policemen just used their force to repress the protest.
Actually every person who had a white-blue scarf was pushed in the military vehicles to be carried in a police station. The protesters get financial penalties there, they were photographed and their finger prints were recorded. There are several testifiers who claimed people were kicked and beaten inside of these military vehicles during the road to the police station.

Romania can say "Farewell democracy!" in such conditions.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

FIFA Disposition Ignored By FRF

Although Mircea Sandu, Dumitru Dragomir and their staff knew about FIFA disposition they hid this fact both clubs and members of the Executive Committee.

FIFA specifically asked that the provisions of art. 9.2 and 18.2 of the FRF (Romanian Football Federation) Statute related about expulsion of a club to be removed because they are illegal and contrary to FIFA statutes. The General Association is the only organism which may exclude a member. This FIFA request was formulated in January 2011. After six months Universitatea Craiova was excluded by FRF's Executive Comitee.

The essay is signed by FIFA and FIFA's legal director Marco Villiger.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Court Of Appeal Decision

Court of Appeal decided: FRF (Romanian Football Federation) is a national sport structure that means this institution is an object of public interest.

Universitatea Craiova asked the Court of Appeal, in the administrative section, to void the decision from 20th of July of FRF's Executive Committee regarding the excluding of the club from any competition. Today Craiova get a historic victory in the sense the court rejected the exception sustained by FRF as their acts would be administrative and therefore the Romanian Football Federation would not be public.

As a consequence FRF must obey the law of the state and can not be treated as a inner state. This is a very big step toward obtaining full compensation for all the 39 football players our team lost last summer. The total amount was estimated at € 250 million.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Marian Bondrea

Marian Bondrea is one of the most important coaches of Universitatea Craiova. He won Cup of Romania for Universitatea Craiova in 1993.

Marian Bondrea was born in Craiova on 2nd of November 1950. He used to play for Electroputere Craiova, Universitatea Craiova and Soimii Sibiu. He started to train Inter Sibiu, in the Romanian second football league, during the season 1986–1987. In 1988 FC Inter Sibiu get promoted in Romanian first football league having Bondrea as coach. These are the teams were he worked:
1986-1988 - FC Inter Sibiu
1988–1989 - FC Olt Scorniceşti
1989–1992 - Electroputere Craiova
1993–1994 - Universitatea Craiova
1994–1995 - FC Argeş Pitesti
1995–1996 - FC Naţional Bucureşti
1996 - Dinamo Bucureşti
1997 - Altay Izmir
1997–1998 - Electroputere Craiova
1998–1999 - Foresta Suceava
1999 - Universitatea Craiova
2000–2001 - FC Argeş Pitesti
2001 - Universitatea Craiova
2002 - Hurriya SC
2002 - Astra Ploieşti
2002–2004 - Al-Hilal (Under-19 coach)
2004–2005 - FC Bihor Oradea
2005 - Universitatea Craiova
2006–2007 - Al-Hilal (youth coach)
2007–2008 - CSM Râmnicu Vâlcea
2008–2009 - Inter Gaz Bucureşti
2010 – Al-Riyadh
2011 - Gaz Metan Severin

Saturday, December 03, 2011

UEFA 2012 Fixtures

The teams qualified for Euro 2012 (Polonia & Ukraine) tournament were assigned to the four groups as follows:
Group A      Group B
Croatia      Czech Republic
France       Germany
Italy          Netherlands
Russia        Spain

Group C      Group D
Denmark      England
Greece        Ireland
Poland        Portugal
Sweden       Ukraine

Let's see which one will win the cup.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

2002 - History Files

Universitatea Craiova was a great team in Romania. There were a lot memorable games, but this is one of the most important of them. On 1st of September 2002, Stiinta met Steaua Bucharest on Ion Oblemenco stadium in Craiova. It was a 40.000 viewers assistance at this game. And this for a stadium with 28.500 sitting places only .

Craiova had a big show in the field and in the stadium too. I hope you will like the video.
The teams:
Universitatea Craiova: Agachi - Vochin, Papura, Rada - Miclea, Sava, Badea, Stanga, Ciocoi - Lutu (Vladoiu), Verdes
Steaua Bucharest: M.Tudor - Fl.Dumitru, Panc, M.Radoi, Miu - Aliuta, Bostina, Paraschiv, Neaga - C.Raducanu, Oprita

Monday, November 28, 2011

Corneliu Andrei Stroe

Corneliu Stroe brought glory for the football in Craiova. Now he wants to bring our team back to life. Corneliu Andrei Stroe built Craiova Maxima and now has a plan for the revival of Craiova's football.

Pavel Badea is the president of Sport Club Universitatea Craiova which contains teams from 5 kinds of sport. This was the mother club of the actual football team. Football Club Universitatea Craiova was separated from Sport Club in 1990. ​​Stroe is trying now to create a football club for Sport Club Universitatea. The new football club will contain students and children from Craiova and will start in the 4th Romanian Football League. It is only The Ministry Of Education which needs to approve this demand. The team will be self-financed and maintained. There can be easily found sponsors for this activity.

Corneli Stroe was bornin July 2nd 1943, in Diosti, Dolj, Romania
1958-1964: was an athlete for Banatul Timisoara and Stiinta Bucharest
1961, 1962: was champion of Romania in triatlon si pentatlon
1962-1966: studied at Physical Culture Institute from Bucharest
1966: professor at University from Craiova, teaching sports
1966-1970: secretary at Universitatea Craiova
1970-1983: vice-president at Universitatea Craiova
1983-1984: president of Universitatea Craiova
1986: president of FC Olt Slatina
1990: founded FEFS as a part of University of Craiova
1992: doctor in sports at ANEFS Bucharest
2002: president of Universitatea Craiova
2004: dean of FEFS at University of Craiova
2005: doctor in Economics at University of Craiova
Honor citizen of Craiova city.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Craiova Maxima Neighborhood

If Iker Casillas will have a street in his native village, "Craiova Maxima" is the name of a neighborhood in Plenita,Dolj.

In this village all the streets were named with the name of Lung, Geolgău, Cămătaru, Balaci or Irimescu, to remember just a few of the players who brought glory for Universitatea Craiova in the '80s.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Caroline Wozniacki

Caroline Wozniacki, born on July 11th 1990, is the daughter of Polish immigrants, Piotr and Anna Wozniacki. Her mother played on the Polish women's national volleyball team, and her father played professional football. The couple moved to Denmark when Piotr signed for the Danish football club Boldklubben 1909. Wozniacki's older brother Patrik is a professional footballer for Hvidovre IF in Denmark.

She is a Danish professional tennis player. She is the current world no. 1 on the WTA Tour. As of 7 November 2011, she has held this position for 56 weeks. She is the first Scandinavian woman to hold the top ranking position and 20th overall.

Since her WTA debut in 2005, she has improved her year-end ranking each year until finishing on top in both 2010 and 2011. She has won 18 WTA singles titles as of August 2011, three in 2008, three in 2009, six in 2010 (the most since Justine Henin's ten in 2007), and six in 2011. She was runner-up at the 2009 US Open and the 2010 WTA Tour Championships in Doha to Kim Clijsters. She won the 2006 Wimbledon Girls' Singles title, but has yet to win a women's Grand Slam title. She also holds two WTA titles in doubles.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Daniela Crudu In A Relationship With Mihai Costea

Daniela Crudu was born on June 14th 1989. She began her career as a night club entertainer. After that she graduated a school for mannequins and models. She won the title of "Sexiest model in Romania".

Even she is working for a commercial television she did not give up the activity of animation in nightclubs. She dances for fun and she is earning around 100 Euro per night.

This hot brunette posed in the well known magazine for men, Playboy. This action brought her even more popularity being chosen to present a lot of very popular lingerie brands.

Mihai Costea, ex-Universitatea Craiova striker, was transferred this summer for 1,1 million Euro at Steaua Bucharest. Bucharest is a city with many clubs, discos and pubs. In one of them, Mihai met Daniela Crudu and they become lovers. Let us know if you enjoy the pictures.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Costea Brothers

The most promising Romanian strikers are Mihai and Florin Costea.

Florin Costea is the elder brother. He was born on May 16th 1985 in Dragasani, Romania.He started to play Romanian second league for the local team Rarora Râmnicu-Vâlcea, then he transferred to the most popular team in Romania, Universitatea Craiova, who competed at the time in the same league.

After his new team was promoted, he became one of their key players and one of the best strikers of the Liga I. The 2008/09 season was great for Florin, finishing the top scorer of the Romanian first division, together with Gigel Bucur after both had scored 17 goals. On March 21st 2010, while playing a match against Politehnica Iaşi, the Moldavian goalkeeper made a rash challenge on Florin Costea, injuring him. He was forced to leave the pitch, and realising the severity of his injury he was taken out in tears. It was later discovered that he had broken his medial collateral ligament and crossed ligament. He was sidelined for 8 months. After Universitatea Craiova was disaffiliated he became a Free Agent.

On 3rd August 2011 Florin Costea moved to Steaua Bucureşti on a free transfer, later signing a 4-year contract, worth around €250,000 per year. Here he rejoined his brother Mihai Costea.

Mihai was born on May 29th 1988. He played for Universitatea Craiova's youth team. In 2008 the player was promoted in the first team, where he joined his older brother. Though his favorite positions are Striker or Winger, due to lack of players at Universitatea Craiova he was often used as a Left Midfielder. This usually brought criticism to Universitatea Craiova officials.

Mihai Costea was transferred to Steaua Bucureşti for a reported transfer fee of €1,4m for 60% of the players rights. But, due to the fact that Universitatea Craiova was disaffiliated by the Romanian Football Federation on July 20th, 2011, Steaua Bucureşti now owns all the rights of the player. He had a perfect start, scoring three goals in his first three games with the Bucarest team.

Mihai Costea was a Romania U-21 international being capped thirteen times and scored one goal against Latvia U-21 on 14 November 2009. In Romanian first football league, Mihai played 89 games and scored 17 goals. In UEFA Cup he played 4 games and scored 1 goal.

Until now, Florin Costea played 121 games in Liga I and he scored 48 goals. In Cup of Romania he played 7 games and scored 4 times. He also played 3 games in UEFA Cup and scored 1 goal. For Romanian national football team he played 7 games.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Romania - Greece 3-1

Romanian national football team played in Altach (Austria) against Greece. Not so much audience (700 viewers) but a nice game. The final score was 3-1.

Let's say that Greece came with a lot of young players trying to make a team for their future. This was the last game of Romania national football team in 2011. More than 60 players used Victor Piturca in 2011. Even so Romania has not a clear national team. They are still searching for eligible players. Anyhow, Romania played 14 matches in 2011 and only won 5 of them.

The goals of Romania were scored by Torje '17, Tănase '61, Chipciu '80 for Greece scored Karagounis '34.

The teams:
Romania: Balgradean - Papp, Gaman (63' Chiriches), Goian, St. Radu - Toje, Neagu, (86' Grigore), Pintilii (46' Lazar), Tanase (66' Chipciu) - B.Stancu (78' Cocis), Mazilu (46' M. Niculae)
Greece: Kapino - Manlatis, Papastathopoulos (46' Papadopoulos), Malezas, Gianoulis - Makos (46' Fotakis), Tziolis, (77' Salpigidis), Karagounis, P. Kone (55' Theodoridis) - Liberopoulos (46' Mitroglou), Charisteas (46' Samaras)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Romanian Football's Mafia In Court

The head of Professional Football League (LPF), Dumitru Dragomir, was heard again by DNA's prosecutors concerning FC Universitatea Craiova expulsion case.

Unlike two weeks ago, when Dragomir created a circus in front of the DNA institution, today, LPF's boss was confined to declare that "It is my business what I said to the prosecutors". He will soon get in prison.

Mircea Sandu, president of Romanian Football Federation (FRF), is accused of bribery and Dragomir of complicity. Dragomir transferred 400.000 €, representing TV broadcasting rights of Gloria Bistrita, into an account of Mircea Sandu's wife, Elisabeta. Dragomir's official motivation was that Sandu's wife had loaned the football club Gloria Bistrita the same amount. In respect with this loan an affidavit was prepared, but there is no bank transaction showing that the loan was indeed granted.

That is why, investigators suspect that, in fact, Elisabeta Sandu did not ever gave Gloria Bistrita money and the transfer was, as a matter of fact, bribes for FRF's President.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Juventus Claim 400 Million €

Italian giants Juventus have lodged a claim for more than 400-million euros with a local court against the Italian Football Federation (Figc) over the 2006 calciopoli scandal, Italian press reported Tuesday.

Juventus accuse Figc of unequal treatment and lack of action regarding the 2006 match-fixing scandal that saw the Old Lady of Turin stripped of two league titles and relegated to Serie B. AC Milan, Lazio, Fiorentina and Reggiana were also punished but Inter Milan escaped unscathed and were even awarded the 2006 scudetto crown. According to La Gazzetta dello Sport Juve are claiming 444-million euros with the court in Latium, in the central and western part of Italy.

Juve were stripped of their 2005 and 2006 league titles but have been exhausting every possible avenue to try to get that decision revoked, including taking a case to the Italian Court of Arbitration for Sport as well as European football governing body UEFA. This is the original link. As you may know, Universitatea Craiova was subject of an abuse made by Romanian Football Federation this summer. The court is still working at this case, but this could be a good precedent to follow.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Universitatea Craiova 1986

In 1986 Universitatea Craiova qualified for UEFA Cup games. It was the same year, another Romanian football team, Steaua Bucharest, won European Champions Cup. Craiova met Galatasaray Istanbul in the first double leg and qualified after 2-0 at home and 1-2 away.

In the second leg, our team had to play against Dundee United, a team who will arrive in the final of this competition. Universitatea Craiova was the only one who won against Dundee United in that season. It was 1-0 for our team in "Central" stadium from Craiova.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Belgium - Romania 2-1

Romania played a friendly game against Belgium on 11.11.2011 in Liège. Actually this day was reserved for play-offs for European Championship 2012. Romania came on the 3rd place in its group and their fans had to see only a friendly game in this day. Almost the same situation with Belgium.

The final score was 2-1, but Belgium could win at a more comfortable difference. They had 2-0 after first time, Romania scored in the 65th minute of the game by Daniel Niculae and missed a penalty kick by Razvan Rat in the 88th minute of the game.

The teams:
Belgium: Gillet - Vanden Bore, Kompany, Van Buyten, Vertonghen - Derfour (82' Nainggoian), Witsel, Fellaini - Chadll (66' Vossen), Mertens (82' De Bruyne), Mirallas (66' Dembele)
Romania: Tatarusanu - Luchin (80' Pleasca, 86' Gaman), Chiriches ('70 Papp), D. Goian, Rat - Cocis, Lazar (46' Tanase), Pintilii - Varga, B. Stancu (46' Mazilu), D. Niculae

Victor Piturca was strongly contested by Romanian fans in the stadium. He is Romania's coach and the latest results of our national football team are worst than ever.

Universitatea Craiova has a trial in civil court against Victor Piturca. Romanian Football Federation and Romanian Football Leage are also in a dispute with the team from Craiova. As a consequence Universitatea's fans protested during this match asking to FRF's boss to leave his chair. The protests will not finish here.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Universitatea Craiova - Official Facebook Page

Even we don't have a football team anymore, our team has an official Facebook page. All our fans can follow easily the news about Universitatea Craiova using this link. All the needed documents concerning the trial between FC Universitatea Craiova and the Romanian Football's Mafia are available on it.

All the details about the progress in court can be followed on Facebook starting with this week. The only problem is: no more football for 2 million people who stand up for this legendary team. Do you think this is right?

Thursday, November 03, 2011

New Zealand - World Champions

New Zealand won in Auckland against France with 8-7, becoming after 24 years, along with Australia and South Africa, the World's third team to win the "Web Ellis" trophy twice. This final was the tightest in the history of World Cup. The winner was established for the first time by only one point.

1987 and 2011 are two years which remain in New Zealand history. Two world titles and a dream come true. Four million people celebrated this win and went out to the streets, in a move unprecedented in the country in the Southern hemisphere.

Always favorite to win the world title, but stopped on the way to the trophy, in the semifinals or quarterfinals, New Zealand has succeeded this time a perfect journey. Even if the final shake up in the last minute with the French back in the game at 0-8, "All Blacks" have kept lucidity, defended well and were blocked at the table 8-7.

The final whistle sparked party, 300,000 people went out on the streets of Auckland to celebrate the victory. Fireworks, confetti, singing and clapping, dancing and joy. The streets of the country's economic capital were blocked by a crowd dressed in black shirt embroidered with fern's leaf, which is poured over all and sing the famous encouragement "Go All Blacks, Go." Faces painted in black and white, obsessive cries name players miniature Cup and children gathered in each frame.

Spending the night extended, while the players were lost in the crowd giving autographs, hand tighten, thanks fall, and over all presenting the shining "Webb Ellis" trophy. Residents of the two islands have emerged in public places in an unprecedented mass movement by now.

New Zealand celebrated its heroes and the fulfillment of a dream. Country where rugby is a religion was rewarded for waiting so long. Graham Henry's team presented the trophy in all major cities: Auckland followed by Christchurch and Wellington.

Friday, October 28, 2011

UEFA Invites FC Sion To Match Schedule Consultation

FC Sion had a civil trial against UEFA. They were excluded from Europa League. This case is somehow similar with Universitatea Craiova's case. Universitatea Craiova was more than excluded. Practically this team was dissolved by Romanian Football Federation.

After a fight in court FC Sion obtained the right to play their games in Europa League. This is the link Let's see what FRF will do now...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rugby World Cup 2011

The most spectacular competition started this week. Rugby World Cup 2011 is happening in New Zealand this year. This is a great opportunity to find out more about this wonderful sport and not only.

For instance, there are 20 national teams in this World Cup. New Zealand was the first national rugby team which introduced a short dance in the opening of every game. This dance is called Haka and comes out from an ancient Maori ritual. Another teams like Tonga or Samoa followed this example and now you may see a tribal show at the start of each rugby game.

The specialists are saying that Haka must be not longer than 2 minutes else this ritual can open the gates to hell. Anyhow, let see some about sport.

On 9th of September was the opening ceremony in Auckland. The show was great and the former New Zealand captain, Jonah Lomu, was the most important figure. He earned the first World title for his country at the first Rugby World Cup, 24 years ago. There is a bookmaker quota of 1,55 for New Zealand to repeat such a great performance.

Another facts: the first rugby game played in New Zealand was in 1870 at Nelson ( Whakatu in Maori language). On May 12th 1870 was founded New Zealand’s first Rugby Football Club (continuing today). In the same year, Scotland national rugby team plyed their first international game.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Romania - France 0-0

Romania met France in a game for Euro 2012 - Poland & Ukraine qualifications. This is all. :) No, not really. Because there were no goals scored in this game but, at least, Romania has gossip. A lot of rumors showed up thanks of this event.

First of all let's see the game. It was not spectacular. Nothing extraordinary happened. Just a boring football game without goals and without anything else. France had 74,5% ball possession , Romania had the ball 13 minutes from 90. There were 51 minutes of effective game, actually.

This was the first game played on a new Romanian stadium. The name of it: National Arena. It was played in front of an audience of 55.000 people. The well known Romanian pop singer INNA, had a mini concert at the begining.

After this, Marcel Pavel, a great voice of Bucharest, sang Romanian National Anthem. Actually he did it bad and he get a fine of 1.500 Euro because of missing the song. This may happen... but FRF - Romanian Football Federation get the same fine for hiring the wrong person to sing the anthem.

A great stadium, which costed 250 million Euro, but a very bad football field. The grass carpet was totally damaged after 90 minutes of using it. It must be recovered until September the 14th when Steaua Bucharest wants to play a game in Europa League on the same stadium. The cost of reparation is 360.000 Euro.

The teams:
Romania: Tatarusanu - Luchin, Goian, Chiriches, Rat - Nicoita, Cocis, Bourceanu, C. Lazar ('43 B. Stancu), Tanase - Marica ('88 G.Bucur)
France: Lloris - Evra, Abidal, Rami, Sagna - Martin, Cabaye ('75 Nasri), M'Villa - Ribery, Benzema, Valbuena ('71 Remy)